Teach Na Tuisceana

(House of Understanding)

Meditation in the tradition of Thai Forest Master Ajahn Chah

in Co. Galway, Ireland


This site has meditation workshops, retreats, and sitting groups run by our sangha. Day events are free and run at Teach na Tuisceana in Maree, retreats are by donation and held at Kilcuan Retreat Centre in Clarinbridge.

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Sat 15th Oct, Sun 20th Nov, Sat 10th Dec. 9.30-5.30

Day Meditation Workshop with Jackie Carrol

Saturday 1st October 9.30am - 5.00pm

Day Meditation workshop with Nick Scott

Saturday 12th November 9.30am - 5.00pm

Weekend Insight Meditation Retreat with Padraig Cotter & Jackie Carrol

Fri 2nd Dec - Sun 4th Dec

28th Oct - 6th Nov, 14th - 22nd April

27th Dec - 2nd Jan

Bridie Hogan and Nick Scott

Every Thursday, 7:30 p.m


Recordings of Teachings

Ajahn Sucitto

Dhamma Talk 4th Dec. 2021 audio: LINK video: LINK Q&A audio: LINK video: LINK

Ajahn Viradhammo

Bank Holiday Retreat 30th April - 3rd May 2021 + talk for 10 day retreat

Friday Evening: Introduction

Refuges and precepts: LINK

Saturday Afternoon and Evening: Awareness

Afternoon reflection: LINK Q&A: LINK Evening talk with Q&A: LINK

Sunday Afternoon and Evening: Movements of the Mind

Aft. reflection: LINK Metta practice with Q&A: LINK Evening Med: LINK Evening talk: LINK

Monday Afternoon: Karma

Reflection with Q&A: LINK

Friday Evening talk for 10 day retreat: Self Criticism, Guilt & Self Doubt

Meditation instruction, awareness: LINK Talk: LINK Q&A: LINK

Ajahn Sucitto

Morning teaching sessions from retreat 24th-27th Oct 2020 - Introduction to theme, guided meditation sitting, intro to walking meditation. 1 hr 10 mins to 1hr 20mins long

Saturday: Embodiment LINK

Sunday: Awareness LINK

Ajahn Chandasiri

Evening Reflection Sun 24 May 2020

Reflection: LINK Q&A: LINK