We are a small community, or Sangha, of Buddhist meditators who have gathered over the last 15 years through the use of a converted barn in Co Galway. The barn is at the back of where Nick and his partner live and was initially meant simply as a place for meditation and somewhere where visiting Buddhist monastics could teach. Although when Nick came to Ireland he was already teaching, he was reluctant to teach where he lived. However, gradually that has changed and now several of us teach, both there and at other venues in Co. Galway and Galway City, as well as continuing to host teachers from elsewhere.

Most of us are committed to following the Theravada Forest Sangha tradition (see links), but we also include others following a Zen Buddhist approach or another tradition. What we all share is a commitment to using meditation profoundly – as a path to the ending of suffering. Therefore, the teaching and emphasis of events we arrange is deeply serious, rooted in the Buddhist path of morality, generosity, mindfulness and investigation. We make no charge for anything we do, and we are not interested in converting anyone to either Buddhism or a particular tradition. All we hope is to be of help to others in dealing with the difficulties of living in this world.

The barn is just a meditation space that we use sometimes. It is not a Buddhist Centre. It can’t be that as it is part of Nick and his partner’s home. Please respect this by only going there when an event is happening or you have arranged to meet one of us.