New Year Retreat


5 Day Retreat over New Year

with Nick Scott and Bridie Hogan

Wed 30th Dec. - Sun 3rd Jan.

Online and Residential

On-line manager: Siddhi Jhosi

Nick is a teacher of Buddhist Insight meditation and Bridie a teacher of Satyanander Yoga who has also undertaken Buddhist retreats. Together they will be using Body, Breath and Mind trainings to bring us into the body, and shift us into awareness. So that we can become open and free in the moment, in touch with a natural sense of spaciousness, stillness and ease.

Within this framework we will be inquiring into the process that is us. So that we can understand ourselves better and through that wisdom begin to free ourselves of our reactivity and the karmic load we carry from our past.

The retreat is held in silence and is suitable for all levels of yoga and meditation experience but not complete beginners. It is designed to be a way of starting the New Year with a rejuvinating of our body and mind while deepening our understanding and our intentions.

It is held at the Kilcoan Retreat Centre which is set in woodland near Clarinbridge, Co. Galway. The teaching is free and donations, based on what you afford, go towards the running costs.

We will start at 9,00am on 30th December and end at 4pm on 1st January - it is possible to arrive the evening of Tues 29th. It is not possible to attend only part of the retreat, arrive late or leave early, without the prio agreement of the teachers. The retreat centre is 10 mins walk from the bus stop in Clarinbridge village with hourly buses from Galway.

This retreat is to be held at Kilcoan Retreat Centre. Kilcoan is situated in woodland near Clarinbridge, Co Galway. The facilities are excellent for social distancing. There will be 12 residential places for local people. Each person has their own room with bathroom and the venue is very spacious. The retreat will also be available on line via Zoom, with an on-line manager to look after everyone and with the teacher conducting on line interviews. Numbers will be limited to 15. Retreats work very well on-line for participants who have conducive home situations, either living alone or able to isolate themselves within their home. If you are able to do this, then please do the retreat on-line so that those with unsuitable home situations can have the places at Kilcoan.

To find out more or to book a place please contact:

This retreat is offered on a donation (dana) basis. At the end of the retreat there will be an opportunity to give a donation towards the cost of hiring the facilities and our other costs. Any excess will go to Sunyata Retreat Centre to help with their running costs. The teachings are free. The donation can be made at the retreat, or on-line using this link: Donation (choose the 'sending to a friend' option, so that no fee is deducted).

Nick Scott has been teaching short and long retreats for 20 years with the endorsement of senior monks in the Thai Forest tradition. His teaching is wise and humorous, and illustrated with personal stories and insights from 45 years of meditation, including long solitary retreats and residing for 10 years at Chithurst Buddhist Monastery in England. He is the author of several Buddhist travel books recounting adventures with Buddhist monks. These can be downloaded for free at:

Nick is by profession an Ecologist working for environmental charities. He now lives with his partner, Micheline, in Co Galway.

Bridie Hogan has been teaching Satyananda yoga for over 20 years, both as regular classes and as a support to cancer patients at Cancer Care West. She is also a Black Belt, second Dan, in Karate, and has been attending Buddhist meditation retreats since the early 1990’s.