Using Uncertainty

One Day Meditation Workshop with Nick Scott

Where: Teach na Tuisceana, Marree 

When: Saturday 13th May 9.30 - 5,30pm 

This world we live in is becoming increasingly unstable, uncertain and unreliable which leads to increasing stress and despair. However, uncertainty is one of the three underlying characteristics of our experience that the Buddha recommends we use to find release from suffering. By contemplating change, seeing how every ‘thing’ comes and goes, we can start to see what it is that doesn’t come and go and so find a safe refuge. 

This day is suitable for both those experienced and those relatively new to meditation. 

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Nick Scott has been teaching short and long retreats for 20 years with the endorsement of senior monks in the Thai Forest tradition. His teaching is wise and humorous, and illustrated with personal stories and insights from 45 years of meditation, including long solitary retreats and residing for 10 years at Chithurst Buddhist Monastery in England. He is the author of several Buddhist travel books recounting adventures with Buddhist monks. These can be downloaded for free at: 

Nick is by profession an Ecologist working for environmental charities. He now lives with his partner, Micheline, in Co Galway.