The Island of Now

Meditation workshop led by Nick Scott

Sun. 8th Dec. 9.30am - 5.30pm

not for begginers

Having nothing, clinging to nothing

that is the island, there is no other,

that is nibbana, I tell you,

the total ending of ageing and death.

Samyuta Nikaya 1094

The present moment is a life raft, always there amidst the confusion and tormoil of our daily lives. By using some reference point - the breath, a feeling in out body - we can bring ourselves back to presence, and so prevent ourselves from drowning Giving up the planning, worrrying mind like this can simply feel a relief, but sometimes it involves confronting feelings we are trying to avoid. But what ever, it always has a sense of waking up to a true-er reality. Eventually, if we keep at this for a lifetime, the life raft becomes an island, a home, somewhere we can reside peacefully and at ease.

This workshop will explore how we do this, and how we continue to do this. It is for people already with a meditation practise who are looking to deepen and sustain it.

Bring a contribution to a shared lunch. Please arrive in time for a 9.30am start and come for the whole day. To book a place write to:

Nick Scott has been teaching short and long retreats for 20 years with the endorsement of senior monks in the Thai Forest tradition. His teaching is wise and humorous, and illustrated with personal stories and insights from 45 years of meditation, including long solitary retreats and residing for 10 years at Chithurst Buddhist Monastery in England. He is the author of several Buddhist travel books recounting adventures with Buddhist monks. These can be downloaded for free at:

Nick is by profession an Ecologist working for environmental charities. He now lives with his partner, Micheline, in Co Galway.