Inner Investigation: Knowing the world from within

One Day Workshop with Ajahn Appamado

When: Saturday June 10th 9am - 5pm 

Location: Clarinbridge (exact location TBD)

A day exploring the practice of Buddhist insight teachings and the realisation of how we make this world and that we can choose one that is peaceful and content. Ajahn Appamado has visited us several times before and each time his teachings have proved very popular. We are holding this day in Clarinbridge (exact location TBD). It is not possible to do part of this day or arrive late. To book a place and for more information please write to 

Appamado Bhikkhu was born in Portugal in 1976. He studied Marine Biology and Environmental Engineering at the University of Faro, where his research and spiritual approach to life took an increasingly prominent role, leading him to be interested in meditation and spiritual practices, both eastern and western.

Through his research, he became aware of the Amaravati Buddhist Monastery in England and decided to visit it. He was part of the support team for the 2005 Winter Retreat, after which he returned to Portugal for five months to organize his life in order to return to the monastery. In December 2005 he is ordained as Anagarika, and later on has the subsequent ordinations as Samanera and Bhikkhu, having Luang Por Sumedho as his preceptor.

Since 2012 he resides in Portugal, at Sumedharama Buddhist Monastery.