Freedom from Time

Meditation Workshop 

led by Derek Murray & Marika  

9.30 - 5.00

In daily life, our stress is always bound up with a sense of time.Time and the sense of being a separate self arise together. Remove time from the mind and the "selfing" stops.

The Buddha's teaching points to the possibility of a radical freedom from this time-bound suffering. He talks of a dharma which is "clearly visible, apparent here and now, timeless, encouraging investigation, to be personally experienced by the wise."

In this workshop, we'll reflect together on the stress associated with the sense of time,and explore various ways to deal with it. There will be discussion, yoga, and both sitting and walking meditation. This day is suitable both for those with experience and those new to meditation practice. 

Held at Teach na Tuiseana, Marree, Clarinbridge. 

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Derek Murray has been practicing meditation for around 40 years.  He has a BA in Psychology from NUI Galway and has a keen interest in the psychology of spiritual practice.  He has participated in several 10 day intensive retreats with various teachers.

Marika Chkhikvadze was born in Georgia. She explored the 8 limbs of yoga which led to discovering Buddhist practice. Marika now teaches yoga during 10-day retreats led by Nick Scott, also she teaches yoga in county Clare in-person and online.