Chan Meditation Day 

Led by Guo Xing Bhikshuni

Sunday 28th July 2024

9.30am to 5pm

Biography of Guo Xing Bhikshuni:

Guo Xing Bhikshuni embarked on learning Chan meditation while researching the Church-State Relationship in Mexico during her Master's degree studies in Latin American Studies. Since then, she has actively engaged in retreats led by Master Sheng Yen. She was tonsured under Master Sheng Yen in 1999. Following the completion of Dharma Drum Mountain, the DDM monastic community recommended her to pursue a doctoral degree to further DDM’s dedication to the higher education of Buddhism. She obtained a second Master's degree in Religious Studies from Columbia University in 2010, followed by a Ph.D. from UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) in 2018. Her research centers on themes associated with Chan Master Hongzhi Zhengue, as encouraged by Master Sheng Yen, who urged her to explore the teachings of both Chan Master Hongzhi and his own Silent Illumination Chan. Currently, she serves as an assistant professor in the Department of Buddhist Studies at Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts.