The Bhodisattva Path

to Serenity

Meditation Workshop led by Sister Jinho

Sat 27th June, 9.30am to 5.00pm

Hosted by Derek

Caring for others is caring for ourselves, but to be able to care for others we have to care for ourselves. The basis for both, is living mindfully with an open heart. If we can carry this into daily life we can find our own healing power which will also heal family, work place and the planet.

This retreat will be based on the Chinese Chan style of Buddhist practise. It is suitable for both beginners and those with more experience.

Link (live from 9.15 am):

This is a free on-line event. Please arrive before 9.30am. It is not possible to do only part of the workshop. Please read and follow our Best Practise for On-Line Dhamma

Venerable Sister Jinho is a Chinese Chan Buddhist nun from Taiwan who has spent several years in the UK and speaks excellent English. She has been a nun for fifteen years, training at Dharma Drum Mountain monastery under the late Chan Master Sheng-yen. She returns there regularly to renew her practise. Her teaching is simple and direct in the Chan (Chinese Zen) style. Unlike in Zen, all Chan monastics are totally celibate and follow the full Buddhist Vinaya (monastic rules) as laid down by the Buddha.

Sister Jinho's weekly meditation sittings, open to anyone, can be found: HERE