Full Day Vipassana Retreat with Nick Scott

Full Day Retreat with Nick Scott

Fri 3td (eve) – Sat 4th April

On-line managers: Laura and Teresa

To join this full day retreat you have to commit to take part in all of it (schedule below).

We are using Zoom conferencing software which is free to you. You can take part using a computer with camera, laptop or smart phone over the internet. You can also take part with audio only using a phone line via an Irish phone number. The link for the Friday night meeting is below. At this meeting you will be given the link for the Saturday. Phone numbers at bottom.

Retreat Description:

Vipassana is the quality of enquiry, or insight. Along with mindfulness, Sati, it is the basis of Buddhist meditation practice. Neither are techniques, rather they are attitudes we can develop through meditation which will steadily free us of any burdens we carry and our personal reactivity, so that we are able to develop serenity, or Upekka. This retreat is an opportunity to apply this approach to our own personal space. This approach does not require the perfect environment, instead the extra difficulty of being surrounded by so much that is 'me and mine' and with the disturbances we encounter every day, will help us to extend our capacity. We will use mindfulness and loving kindness, Metta, to establish a degree of calm centeredness, Samadhi, so that we can start to explore those of the Buddha’s Vipassana teachings particularly relevant to what we are now facing.

This retreat is not suitable for complete beginners who should first do one of our Meditation Day Workshops. The retreat will be run under the Buddhist Eight Precepts and Noble Silence. See: https://www.amaravati.org/retreat-centre/coming-on-retreat/

As part of this, we will ask you to not use your mobile phone, lap top, or computer, for anything else other than the retreat and that you keep noble silence at home. Also you will have to refrain from an evening meal on the Saturday (unless you have a medical condition which prevents this).

Start 7.45pm Friday. End 9.30pm Saturday.

To take part please use this link to join the Friday evening meeting. The link to the Saturday will be sent to all those who attend Friday.

Link (live from 7.30pm Friday) : https://zoom.us/j/739017455

Retreat Schedule (which may be adapted during the retreat).


7.45 pm Technical instructions from retreat managers. (Join earlier if you want help making Zoom work for you).

8.00 pm - 9.30 pm Introduction, short meditation sitting, discussion of how to use the retreat format, taking the refuges and precepts. Ending with a short meditation sitting.


6.30 am - 7.30 am Puja and Meditation sitting.

Breakfast break

9.30- 12.30 am Meditation with instruction and discussion.

Lunch Break

2.30 - 5.30 pm Meditation with instruction and discussion.

Tea break. optional break out groups for discussion. Probably an optional 1 hour yoga session (not for anyone new to yoga)

7.30 - 9.00 pm Puja, meditation, questions and answers


9.00- 10.00 am Optional meeting to discuss the format. Tell us what worked, what did not, and make suggestions. This is only the second on-line retreat we have run.

Nick Scott has been teaching short and long retreats for 20 years with the endorsement of senior monks in the Thai Forest tradition. His teaching is wise and humorous, and illustrated with personal stories and insights from 45 years of meditation, including long solitary retreats and residing for 10 years at Chithurst Buddhist Monastery, in England. He is the author of several Buddhist travel books recounting adventures with Buddhist monks. These can be downloaded for free at: www.nickscottbooks.com

Nick lives with his partner, Micheline Sheehy Skeffington, near Clarinbridge, Co Galway

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