Sunyata Appeal Document

Fundraiser to Secure Sunyata’s Future

About Sunyata

Sunyata Buddhist Centre is a retreat centre based on a 10 acre property in rural County Clare. Run by a board of trustees, it is also a registered charity (No: 20205822). The centre is devoted to, and inspired by the Thai Forest tradition of Buddhism, particularly the lineage of Ajahn Chah and Ajahn Sumedho, who opened our Dhamma hall in July 2000.

Since 1998 Sunyata has been offering residential retreats and a wide variety of other events to those who wish to learn about Buddhism, mindfulness and meditation. It also welcomes people to come and stay at any time to sample spiritual community life or simply take refuge from life’s difficulties.

Sunyata’s activities are made possible by a community of volunteers, and all offerings, from Dhamma books to retreats, are offered on the basis of anonymous donation. In this way, we hope that the benefits of Dhamma can be availed of by anybody, regardless of their means. Similarly, people of all faiths or none are equally welcome at Sunyata.

Sunyata endeavours to uphold environmental principles in its care of the land and development of grounds and buildings, as demonstrated by natural building methods, extensive tree-planting, organic land management and serving as a sanctuary for rescued wildlife.

What Sunyata offers

Since opening in 1998, there have been over 250 residential retreats and weekend workshops at Sunyata with more than 2000 attendees.

Long-running weekly events include our Wednesday evening meditation workshop as well as mindfulness-based recovery from addiction meetings. Sunyata’s other regular offerings include monthly women’s day retreats, beginner’s meditation workshops, children’s creative mindfulness workshops and community work days. In addition, with its annual Family Camp, Sunyata supports families to integrate mindfulness and Buddhist principles into everyday life.

As mentioned, many people have also come to stay at Sunyata outside of scheduled events to immerse themselves in Buddhist community life.

We regularly host Buddhist monks and nuns both to teach retreats and also stay during other times of the year. We have in recent times had the privilege of hosting 3 ‘vassas ’or rains retreats, during which monastics have been in residence in Sunyata for a 3 month period.

Our Vision

Our vision is to continue the work of our retreat centre and to establish a monastery in the Thai forest tradition of Buddhism.

We are working towards this vision with a wholehearted commitment. We have had a long standing association with Amaravati Buddhist monastery and we look forward to continuing this in the future.

Securing Sunyata’s Future

In 2011, Sunyata moved from private ownership to being run by the community as a charitable body, overseen by a board of trustees. For this to happen, a loan was offered by one of our supporters to pay the centre’s mortgage. Since then, the majority of this loan has been repaid. However, there is still an outstanding balance of €120,000.

Whereas day-to-day costs are being covered by event donations, the income is, however, not sufficient to repay the outstanding debt.

Sunyata therefore needs to raise €120,000 to secure its long-term viability and allow it to continue this unique offering and model of dhamma and generosity.

The individual to whom the debt is owed has already offered to donate €1 for every €5 raised in the next year. Due to this generosity the outstanding debt can be repaid in full by raising €100,000. As a result;

Sunyata is launching a fundraising campaign to raise €100,000.

We need support from everyone in our community, the wider community and beyond.

Our aim is to raise these funds by asking everyone who can help to make a pledge to support us in whatever way they can to ensure the survival of Sunyata. This includes one-off donations, monthly pledges and/or help in raising awareness and planning fundraising events.

We believe in this way it is possible to succeed in raising €100,000.

The generosity of the sangha and all those who have come to Sunyata is what has kept the centre running all of these years. Our hope is that this generosity will continue and that Sunyata survives and continues to make its unique offering well into the future.

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