Summer Retreat

Summer Retreat. Sat 24th July to Sun 2 Aug

Nick Scott has been running these retreats since he first came to Galway. They are held at his home using the meditation barn there. There is limited accommodation with beds for just 7 people, although you can also camp or attend from home. As the numbers are small there is no manager or cook, instead everyone helps out, sharing the cooking and chores. This retreat is only open to people who have done a retreat, short or long, with Nick before, or who come to our other events. Nick needs to know participents are not going to need a lot of support, which is not possible without the help of a manager. Everyone brings a contribution to the food supplies, and makes a donation towards heating costs etc. To apply, or find out more, write to

Nick is also teaching a 10 day retreat locally in mid June for Sunyata Retreat Centre, in Co Clare. This is open to anyone. To book go to their web site