Yoga and meditation

with Jacinta Fay

Tuesdays 8.30 - 10.00am

New term starts on Tuesday 9th March to 13th April 2021

Jacinta is a certified yoga instructor trained with Satyananda Yoga Ireland and accredited by the British Wheel of Yoga. She also practices Buddhist meditation through a daily practice, 10 day retreats and personal retreats. She is passionate about community education and organising and is interested in cultivating awareness, resilience and compassion in radical movements.

We are encouraging people to make donations to teachers who are providing something, other than meditation, such as yoga or FT, for which they have had to pay to be trained. All of them are providing their classes on this platform to support people practicing Buddhist insight meditation, which has benefited them, but all of them are poor and could do with the money. They would only like people to give what they can afford and only after the class has helped them.

You can make a donation to Jacinta via this link: DONATION

This online yoga and meditation class will focus on balancing practices which support the cultivation of awareness. It will be based on the Satyananda yoga system which is a gentle form of yoga suitable for all ages and body types. The class consists of breath work, postures and relaxation for 1 hour and a meditation sit for 30 minutes.

With the current restrictions bringing a pause to many of our regular activities we can connect with a constant of spiritual practice. There is an opportunity to cultivate and seek refuge in our practice. Working with the uncertainty of these times the class will focus on practices which create space to be fully present with things as they are.

As the classes are online they will only be suitable for people with some previous yoga experience. They are not suitable for pregnant women or people with serious injuries.

As instructors cannot have the same level of observation in on online class participants will be encouraged to become familiar with their bodies’ needs and approach all practices mindfully and with care.

1 hours instructed yoga will be followed by 30 mins meditation, with an introduction and then held in silence.

Numbers limited to 15. Contact Jacinta: who will send you the link