Freedom from Anxiety

Freedom From Anxiety.

A Day of Meditation Wokshop led by Pádraig Cotter

Sunday 6th October 9.30am- 5.00pm

“To live this realisation is to be without anxiety about non-perfection”.

Verses from the Faith in Mind, Seng T-San 3rd Zen Patriarch

To aspire to living a life free from anxiety, we must first of all be free to embrace our anxiety and not to turn away from it.

During this day of practice the following questions will be explored?

· How can spiritual practice help when we find ourselves entangled in patterns of anxiety and fear?

· Can we approach these persistent patterns in ways that encourage liberation from them?

· Is it possible to befriend anxiety and fear, rather than rushing to judgement about them and about ourselves?

· Could they be doorways to awakening rather than obstacles to overcome?

They will be explored in the context of Buddhist teachings, particularly the teachings on the four foundations of mindfulness and their practical benefit in leading us to the freedom of the awakened heart. There will be periods of sitting meditation, walking meditation, reflections, dialogue and possibly inquiry-exercises in twos or threes. The day is suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners and will be held in noble silence.

Please bring a contribution to a shared vegetarian lunch (anything will do, cooked dishes can be warmed). For more info and to book a place please write to:

Directions: From Galway drive to Oranmore and turn right after the village for Rinville and Maree (signposted). Then take two left turns each after a 1.5 miles and signposted Maree. Drive past Maree shop, school and then church and keep going. We are on this road, just after a very sharp right bend with the old grave yard on the corner. Thatch cottage on right side, white with blue green trim. Meditation barn at back of cottage. Please park in field with gate open beyond the cottage. You can also drive direct to Maree from Clarinbridge.

Pádraig Cotter has been interested in meditation and spiritual explorations since 2001, practicing in various traditions, mostly the Thai Forest tradition, sitting retreats at Teach na Tuisceana and also at Sunyata Buddhist Centre where he was manager in 2011 and continues to be involved as a volunteer. He began to teach retreats in 2015.

“When teaching meditation my main emphasis is more on curiosity and playfulness of spirit than adherence to method, more on an attitude of allowing & including rather than striving and gaining, for how can tension-filled effort lead to release from tension? “