Foundation Training and Breath Work Course

With Brian Hickey

Friday mornings for 5 weeks, starting 30th Oct . 9.30 - 10.45am

This course is initially a 3 week intro course during which you can attend any or all of the mornings. After this Brian will delve deeper into the work but you must have done the introduction for that.

Foundation Training is a series of body weight exercises that reverse the effects of modern life by re-balancing the muscular system and taking the load away from the joints. We will go over the main principles of FT and learn decompression breathing. In these new times and being house bound it's very important to keep our physical health up.

We will have a 30min meditation before each class as we want to develop all our practises.

If you have any medical issues or back or spinal issues and have a concern about doing body weight exercise please get in touch beforehand.

Email: Mobile: 086 881 6327

Come early if you are unfamiliar with Zoom conferencing. Live from 9.15am.

Use this link for the internet:

Phone numbers below

Brian Hickey

Brian is a physical therapist and Foundation Training instructor who has a love of the human body. He has been practicing meditation for over 15 years, attended numerous retreats and stayed in Chithurst Buddhist Monastery for the three month winter retreat. He is teaching introduction to Buddhist meditation for us and the use of breath work and foundation training to improve posture. He took this up to cure his own bad back and poor posture.

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06 163 9031 Ireland

01 536 9320 Ireland

01 653 3895 Ireland

Meeting ID: 622 040 9370

We are encouraging people to make donations to teachers who are providing something, other than meditation, such as yoga or FT, for which they have had to pay to be trained. All of them are providing their classes on this platform to support people practicing Buddhist insight meditation, which has benefited them, but all of them are poor and could do with the money. They would only like people to give what they can afford and only after the class has helped them.

You can make a donation to Brian via this link: DONATION