Yoga and Meditation

With Clair Carter

7.00pm - 8.30pm Mondays

New term starts Monday 21st Sept. But Clair hopes to also do a class on Monday 14th Sept if she can set up by then

The class will be based on the foundations of Ashtanga yoga , a dynamic and strong practice that combines movement, breath and a focus point (drishti) to bring a state of calm and grounding into the mind and the body. This practice is aimed to both stimulate the circulatory system while using the breath to help balance and soothe the nervous system. Hatha variations will be combined and incorporated and Clair will offer different levels to practice at, for a mixed level class.

1 hours instructed yoga will be followed by 30 mins meditation, with an introduction and then held in silence.

This class is not for anyone new to either yoga or meditation. Also, because it is on -line, Clair can not take anyone with physical injuries, major health issues or pregnant women.

Clair first came to yoga in 2011. Ashtanga Yoga has been the foundation of her asana practice and she has practiced with many senior teachers in India, Ireland, and the UK. Clair lived and completed a year long Hatha yoga training which has complimented the more dynamic and physical Ashtanga practice.

Meditation is a large part of Clair's practice, attending several 10-day silent retreats and spending time in Buddhist monasteries in the UK and retreat centers in Ireland.

Clair previously lived in Co. Galway and was part of the Teach na Tuisceana sangha. She currently lives in Vancouver, Canada.

Contact Clair:

Zoom Meeting ID:173398723 Passcode:523310. To enter direct click this: LINK

We are encouraging people to make donations to teachers who are providing something, other than meditation, such as yoga or FT, for which they have had to pay to be trained. All of them are providing the classes on this platform to support people practicing Buddhist insight meditation, which has benefited them, but all of them are poor and could do with the money. They would only like people to give what they can afford and only after the class has helped them.

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