Bank Holiday Retreat

With Ajahn Viradhammo & Nick Scott

Online Friday 30th (eve) to Monday 3rd

Although Ajahn Viradhammo is one of the most senior western monks in this tradition, his teaching is simple, grounded, easy to understand and inspiring. He is an exceptional teacher of lay people, so it is wonderful that he has agreed to help teach this retreat.

Ajahn V, as he is known, will be teaching from his monastery in the woods of southern Ontario. Because of the time difference he will be teaching the afternoon and evening sessions and Nick will lead the mornings, based on what Ajahn Viradhammo has taught.


(Adapted to fit with the time Ajahn Viradhammo is available)

Friday Evening

7.30pm Online Register with zoom pass code for the rest of the retreat

8.00pm introduction to Retreat with Nick Scott

8.30pm Introduction and precepts with Ajahn Viradhammo

Saturday and Sunday (and Monday morning)

6.00-7.00am Puja and meditation

Breakfast break

9.00 - 11.45am Teaching and guided meditation with Nick Scott, followed by walking and sitting meditation

Lunch Break

1.30 - 5.00pm Teaching and guided meditation with Ajahn Viradhammo, followed by walking and sitting meditation

Tea Break

6.00-7.00pm yoga (optional)

7.30- 9.30pm Puja, meditation and Dhamma talk with Ajahn Viradhammo

Monday Afternoon

1.30- 2.45pm Question and Answer session with Ajahn Viradhammo plus his reflections on practice in lay life

3.15- 4.00pm Break into groups to discuss retreat

4.00 -4.30pm Groups report back and short closing ceremony

This retreat is for those who have done meditation before. Numbers will be limited to 30. The retreat is free.

Participants have to attend the whole retreat and keep Noble Silence and the Eight Precepts throughout . To find out more about these see here:

The precepts include renouncing the use of mobile phones, computers etc for anything other than connecting via zoom.

Everyone attending will follow our Best practice for online retreats.

To book a place, or to make inquiries, please write to We will send you a link to the registration form and more information by return.


Friday evening: LINK

Meeting ID: 661 267 172 Passcode: 307020

All day Saturday, Sunday and Monday

Meeting ID: 848 9516 4699 Passcode: To be given out on the Friday evening (or contact


We would appreciate a contribution to the cost of hiring Kilcuan Retreat Centre from where this retreat was run online. This in turn will help the Irish Pilgrimage Trust who have no income at present. Anything you can afford will help. 9A donation can be made on-line using this link for paypal: Donation. It is also possible to donate by bank transfer. We can provide our bank details if required. contact: